What is a Home Medicine Review?

 Each year, over 230,000 Australians end up in the hospital from taking medicines incorrectly or in a combination that turns toxic.

A home medication review can help you avoid this by improving collaboration between you, your Doctor and the pharmacist resulting in better patient care and medication management.

Your Doctor can arrange for an accredited pharmacist to visit you at your home to review your medications and ensure there are no complications mixing multiple medications and brands.

Do any of the following apply to you or a loved one?

If so then talk to your Doctor about arranging a home medication review.

Recent changes to medications

Taking more than 5 medications

Recently been discharged from hospital

Suspected of non-compliance

Under the care of multiple specialists

Benefits of a Home Medication Review


Medication improvement


Increased knowledge of your medication


Ensure medication is taken correctly


Peace of mind


Increase your confidence


Increase your independence


Increase your quality of life