About HMR Referrals

We know how clinical systems work and we understand current and emerging Australian electronic and digital health standards.

Our all Australian solution has been architected and built ground-up by Australians for the benefit of Australian General Practitioners, Accredited Pharmacists and ultimately their shared patients. As we already provide services to the primary care community we are able to leverage this expertise to make it more widely and equitably accessible to the entire GP and Accredited Pharmacist community throughout Australia.

Our HMR medical software is fully Australian standards compliant and our processes improve upon existing HL7 HMR referral and HMR report templates.

All GP's

Integrated access through secure Clinical Systems.
All popular GP clinical systems compliant with Australian digital health initiatives can be seamlessly interfaced to HMR Referrals, using existing workflows

All Accredited Pharmacists

Supporting the Accredited Pharmacist community. Accredited Pharmacists historically have not had access to an interconnected system. HMR Referrals is the first system of its kind and provides a secure platform for collaboration between GPs and Accredited Pharmacists in the provision of home medicine reviews.

All Locations

We are committed to getting an Accredited Pharmacist to your location to perform the home medicines review.

Increasing the availability to all eligible patients in all locations including rural and remote Australia