The Importance of Home Medication Reviews

Doctors make sure that you are receiving the right medicines for your condition however a Home Medication Review makes sure that you are taking those medicines correctly to avoid complications that could lead to hospitalisation

Did you know:

1 in 5 people are likely to be suffering an adverse medication reaction at the time they receive a home medication review?

On average, four medication-related problems are detected for each person who has a home medication review

Who is eligible?

Are you or a loved one taking more than 5 medications? You may be eligible for a free home medicine review. Your GP can arrange for an accredited pharmacist to visit you at home to review your medications and ensure there are no complications mixing multiple medications and brands.

Why is it so important?

A third of all hospitalisations are due to medication misadventure or complications with medication that could have been avoided.

What does this cost?

This service costs you nothing beyond that standard doctor consultation fee if applicable. Home Medication reviews are a government initiative to reduce your risk of unnecessary hospitalisation.

Benefits of a Home Medication Review


Medication improvement


Increased knowledge of your medication


Ensure medication is taken correctly


Peace of mind


Increase your confidence


Increase your independence


Increase your quality of life

What is a Home Medicine Review?

During a Home Medicine Review, your Doctor will range for an accredited pharmacist to visit your home and check:

How do you book for your Home Medication Review?


To book your Home Medication Review please contact your practice today to find out if you are eligible.