Australia’s HMR Referrals system
directly connects
Accredited Pharmacists & GPs

HMR Referrals is the only dedicated solution that seamlessly integrates with GP medical software and ensures that every HMR Referral finds an Accredited Pharmacist

Tailored for

Accredited Pharmacists


Registration with HMR Referrals provides you with a portable, electronic clinical system that’s fully supported and purpose built for the Australian market.

Our HMR eReferrals process is focused on providing accurate patient medications information to accredited pharmacists in an accessible form. The system is designed to produce a better medications management regimen for each patient through better communication between health professionals.

There are no annual membership fees, software license fees, upgrade costs or setup costs

Referrals system completely tailored to your workflow

The HMR Referrals system provides a pre-populated online report draft for efficient and paperless completion. This allows you to capture patient notes at the home visit and complete the HMR report later. Progress reports and your HMR Report is delivered directly to the referring GP

Maximise your earnings potential with independent and flexible Income

Boost your earnings by selecting the number of jobs that suits you, up to your monthly quota.
Do as many or as few jobs as you choose, in locations that suit you.
Maximise your earnings potential by joining Australia’s only GP connected HMR Referrals network.

Clinically Accurate and Complete Information

The incoming referral is populated with accurate patient information, medications and GP referral notes directly from the referring GP medical system. All communication with the GP about the referral is stored with your patient notes.


The electronic referral and report process NEVER LEAVES the ecosystem so:
– You do not need a fax
– There is NO DUPLICATION – no need to cut and paste your referral notes into a cloud system, avoiding clinical workflow errors
– There is NO RE-KEYING – avoiding data entry errors

Convenient web based interface - work anywhere on any device

Accredited Pharmacists are provided with a web based service to transact electronic HMR referrals and be able to both accept jobs on the go and create HMR reports at their convenience to be delivered to the referring GPs. Notes can conveniently be captured at the point of care or later at another location.

Pay as you go. NO upfront or ongoing fees

NO up front or ongoing costs
NO membership fees
NO license costs
NO upgrade fees

The HMRs have a transaction fee which means that you only ever pay for jobs that you accept.

Freedom to choose your own schedule

Choose home medicine reviews in the locations that are convenient for you. You set the appointment schedule with the patient, and you complete the report at a time convenient for you.

No Administrative Overheads

The entire workflow goes from provider to provider with no admnistrative tasks in between. No need to pay for paper, faxes, postage, phones, printers, admin staffing, office infrastructure, clinical systems.

Built for Australians by Australians

Purpose built for Australian providers. Any information exchanged between referring GP and yourself is encrypted so no one else can see the information you’re sharing.

More Effective Use of your Time

Instead of spending time rewriting or rekeying information the GP already has in their system, you can concentrate on reviewing the medications and recording the changes recommended.
No faxes, no transcriptions, no truncated or missing information, no need to fill in information the GP already knows, no rekeying of medications, no miskeying.
Taking you less time to do your HMR report.


HMR Referrals follows national guidelines for electronic and digital eReferrals.
The service complies with:
Health Records Act 2001(Victoria)
Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria)
Privacy Act 1988 (C’wealth)

Greater focus on the Patient Medication Regimen

Less overhead on administration and correspondence with the referring GP means more time to focus on better assessment of patient medications. This allows you to improve the quality of patient care captured in your HMR report.

It’s easy to sign up and there’s no obligation