Home Medication Reviews Made Easy!

Home medication reviews are an important part of providing continuity of care to your patients.

Our team work closely with your practice to help identify existing patients who would benefit from a HMR.

One click to create a review

Sent electronically from the doctors desktop via the PMS

Paperless and easy; no more printing and faxing referrals

Sent by our secure system, to ensure patient information is protected

Any patient at risk of medication misadventure may be eligible for a free
home medication review. An accredited pharmacist will arrange a home visit
with the patient to ensure that they are taking their medications correctly to
avoid unnecessary hospitalisation.

The referrals are sent electronically directly from the Doctors practice
management system to ensure that your patient information is protected. We
have a dedicated team of accredited pharmacists in your area who will
receive the referral, arrange a HMR with the patient and return the report
back to your PMS, all within 7-14 days (on average).

We work with the practice to help you engage your eligible patients, to ensure
regular communication and continuity of care. We help you do this through
targeted campaigns that are sent directly to eligible patients encouraging
them to arrange an appointment with their Doctor for a home medication
review referral and work with your team to identify eligible patients already at
the practice for another reason.

The Home Medicine Review Referral Process

We take the hassle out of Home Medicines Review


Our team will educate your Doctors and Nurses on why home medication reviews are so important and demonstrate how simple our secure electronic process is!


We assist practices in increasing the amount of home medication reviews they generate. Item #900 is billed at $169.60 and is underultilised despite being a crucial component of continuity of care. Most practices will have around 1000 patients who are eligible and could benefit from having one.